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Fall is…

8 Oct

It seems like for most women fall starts with their first pumpkin spice latte of the season. For many men, it starts with football. For me, it starts with the State Fair of Texas. This year, I made my eighth annual trip.

Of course you’ve got to start the day with a pocketful of coupons…

State Fair of Texas Coupons www.gustoandgraceblog.com

…and trade them in for the newest fried foods. Since we went with most of my family and several friends, we shared bites of countless new foods. Anthony tried the winner for best taste: the Cuban Roll. I tried fried Nutella. If you’re going to the fair,, skip it. You can hardly taste the chocolate-hazelnut spread. The Reese’s Funnel Cake on the other hand…

State Fair of Texas Best Taste 2013 Cuban Roll www.gustoandgraceblog.comThis year I skipped the Texas Star, the tallest Ferris wheel in North America, to ride Alpine Bobs. Alpine Bob’s was better than most rides at Six Flags.

Texass Star Ferris Wheel

No trip to the State Fair of Texas would be complete without a Fletcher’s Corn Dog with mustard…

Fletchers Corn Dogs www.gustoandgraceblog.com

…or stopping by the new Big Tex.

Big Tex 2013 www.gustoandgraceblog.com

Pro tip: for the shortest line, check out the Fletcher’s stand in the Midway, rather than the one by Big Tex.

On the way home from Dallas-Fort Worth, Anthony and I talked about how we need to make some annual traditions in Austin. Another former fall favorite was going to the Greek Food Festival every year. I really making traditions will help make Austin home. Do you have any favorite fall or annual traditions?

Have you been? I think the State Fair of Texas is bucket list worthy.

Engagement Shoot Reflections

8 Nov

I prepared for my engagement shoot the way I prepare for just about everything else. I conducted very informal research. I also daydreamed of cotton candy and corny dogs.

Anthony + Dominique Cotton Candy

In a rush of nervous excitement I asked my beautiful model friend, Kait, for tips the day before our engagement shoot. I questioned, “How can I photograph better?” Her tips? 1. Wear powder.  2. If you don’t get good sleep, use a YSL pen. 3. Avoid prints. She said dewy faces are pretty in real life, but not in pictures, YSL pens make you look bright eyed, and prints are distracting.

Anthony + Dominique State Fair GamesOur photographer’s, Jeremy and Kristin, directed us to their blog where they posted their tips on e-session preparation (photographer talk for engagement shoots).  I strongly agree with their advice to “coordinate, but don’t match.” On the other hand, I pointed my photographers to my Pinterest profile where I had pinned a collection of engagement photos I liked. I think it is important that everyone involved has an idea of what to expect from the session.

Anthony + Dominique Engagement Pictures

Anthony and I did not have any difficulty coming up with the location for our shoot.  We chose the State Fair of Texas, where we met. Our location was deeply sentimental and represented the beginning of our love story.

Anthony + Dominique Big 12 Love

After we split up with our photographers, we passed a kissing booth, a photo op I wish we would not have missed! But more than kicking myself for walking past a kissing booth without noticing, I wish I would have thought to ask our photographers to take a few individual shots. It would be nice to have a professional photo of Anthony to keep on my nightstand after we marry. Or I could use a miniature print for a locket. Maybe he would like a photo of me in his wallet. Or even a new profile picture for social media sites.

Anthony + Dominique Colourful Slide

For added fun, I stashed some simple props in a bag, like an ampersand and a chalkboard. I also grabbed a squeeze bottle of mustard out of the fridge, to write our wedding date on corndogs. I highly doubted my ability to write 4-27-13 with a giant pump. I have seen other adorable engagement photos using balloons and umbrellas as props.

Anthony + Dominique Corn Dog Date

About three weeks after our shoot, our photographers posted a selection of our photos on their blog. It was strange to see our photos for the first time at the same time as the rest of the world. It also felt funny looking at these pictures without Anthony, as he lives three hours away. About a week later, a link to the rest of our photos hit our inboxes. Though the anticipation nearly drove me crazy, Anthony and I decided that we would wait until we were together to view the rest of our images. It was very special to me to look at them with Anthony. It was a great moment to share together.

R.I.P. Big Tex

R.I.P. Big Tex

All photographs were taken by Jeremy & Kristin Photography.

Deep Fried Love

9 Oct

Texas State Fair Coupon Currency

Each year, when September rolls around, I anticipate a trip to Fair Park. I have gone every year since 2005. The State Fair of Texas is a magical place for me, increasingly so. There is just something about riding the Texas Star, the world’s second largest Ferris wheel and trying the new fried concoctions. Something about Fletcher’s, the stand where corn dogs began. Fall just wouldn’t quite seem the same without the fair.

Fried Red Velvet Cupcake

I met my fiancé at the State Fair, a year ago yesterday, so it seemed like the obvious place to have our engagement photos taken. Anthony and I took the day off last Friday and had some fried-food-filled-fair fun!  I am anxious to see the photos that, Jeremy and Kristin, our wedding photographers took.

Deep Fried Samoas

After the shoot Anthony and I wandered around and took in the sights, sounds, and smells of the fair. We tried a fried red velvet cupcake and fried samoas. We ventured back to the Coca-cola food court where we first met and shared a giant barbecue stuffed baked potato (What wedding diet?). We got Volk”swag”en shades at the auto show. We reminisced about the day we met. We had fun.

Red Volk"swag"en Sunnies

Keep your eye out for our engagement pictures! We were told we would see them in about a month.

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