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Mirrored Console Mood Board

15 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across an amazing deal at Target: an online-only mirrored console table at my local store, regularly $250 for $40! I’ve been eyeing mirrored furniture, and the husband, who isn’t mirrored furnitures’ biggest fan, was glad I got my fix for $40. I put it together and Anthony helped me carry it from room to room, up and down the stairs (and back up again) to decide where it should live.

It looked great where the bar cart is currently, but it made our current TV console look short and unbalanced. It would make a great TV console, but we’d have some DVD storage to figure out, and a few wires to hide. It wasn’t quite right in the bedroom either. The empty landing upstairs was perfect.

Now what to do with the rest of the barren area? I pulled my inspiration from a local Austin blog, Design Crisis. I’m in love with the interior designer, Erin Williamson’s Teal Room.

With our wedding giftcards spent, me still on the hunt for a job, and a necessary new car purchase on the horizon, home projects have slowed. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming up ideals. Here’s what I’d love to do for our upstairs landing:
Mirrored Console Mood Board
Now that our home is mostly furnished, I want thoughtfulness to be evident in the design of my home.
Do you put together mood boards for your home? What are some of your favorite sources of inspiration?
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