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6 Tips for DIYing Your Wedding Invitation Suite

18 Jun

You’re Invited! Please join me weekly as I time travel back to our wedding day. Our photos are in, and we will be sharing them soon!

6 Tips for DIYing Your Wedding Invitation Suite

There are some parts of our wedding that worked out strangely and perfectly in our favor. Our invitation suite was one of those parts (if you remember, our venue was another).

When I first got engaged, I was over at my mom’s talking wedding planning, when she asked me if I was going to send save -the-dates. I told her I probably was not because the only ones I liked enough were these, and I didn’t have, or know anyone who had, a diecut machine.  What does my mom do? She goes to her closet and comes back with this. She says bought it for me for Christmas (this is August, y’all), but supposes it would make a better engagement present.

I DIYed our entire gold and silver suite (with plenty of help). Rather than spending $1500 on invitations, I spent $150. Here are my tips if you are making your own wedding invitations:

1. Don’t settle for fonts already on your computer

There are so many amazing fonts you can download for free or for a small donation to the creator. I scoured dafont.com.

2. “Brand” your wedding- Matchy- matchy is good

I ordered a custom wax seal and a custom address stamp from sellers on Etsy with one of the fonts I used on our paper goods. I omitted our last names and used Anthony’s address on the address stamp so Anthony and I can still use it. It was handy (and again, consistent) on our save-the-dates, wedding invitations, and thank you cards. I also ordered a stamp to match the wax seal to make the design on our favor bags consistent.

3. Paper Source is your best friend

I got most of my cardstock and envelopes from Paper Source. The mini envelopes on the “For Tears of Joy” Programs came from Paper Presentation. I cannot imagine that one of those two places does not have the color you are looking for.

4. There is etiquette 

Martha Stewart can help you with your wording. She can also tell you the proper way to address your envelopes. Lean on her genius.

5. Know thine printer

In my case, this meant knowing that inkjet printers won’t print on metallic paper. In your case, it could be that your printer won’t print on 4-bar (RSVP sized) cards. My dad has a laser printer, so I spent many nights in his home office printing programs, invitations, and RSVP enclosures. You can always take your layout to a copy shop (i.e. Kinkos) and have them print your suite for you if your personal printer won’t suffice.

6. If you plan on having guests RSVP electronically, include an e-mail address

Anthony and I forewent traditional RSVP cards. Instead we included cards that told guests how to RSVP on our wedding website. As an alternative, I included an e-mail address I created for responses. Wedding website can be unfamiliar and tricky to navigate, but most everyone knows how to send an e-mail. I personally didn’t care how people RSVPed, I just needed a yes or a no and a number. 

If you want to how-tos on the ruffled invitations or the number garland save the dates, I’d be happy to share.

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