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Glitter and Tartan Wrapping Paper

24 Dec

The best advice I can give on glitter and tartan wrapping paper? Do not try this at home.

After spying the prettiest glitter wrapping paper at the end of the Christmas season last year, I promptly decided that next year I’d wrap all of my presents in silver glitter and Christmas plaid. Three rolls of paper, and 50 yards of wired ribbon later, I’m swearing to you that I will never do it again.

Gifts with Glitter and Tartan

Sure, it looks fabulous, and yes I do love it, but here is what the shining silver rolls don’t tell you while you are swooning in the store: tape doesn’t work on it. Yes ma’am, you read that right. I wrapped all of my Christmas presents this year without any adhesive. After, of course, trying and failing with all but duct tape.

Anthropologie Stockings

It does warn that you might end up glittery, but when it is still on the roll, you cannot fathom the table or the rug that look as if Tinkerbell has stomped and flown all over it. I imagine I will be finding excessive silver glitter in all of our Christmas decor for years to come. I also predict that all recipients of our Christmas gifts will like their presents a little less when the realize the mess we’ve left them with.

My fingers after simply picking up the above present to photograph it:

Hands and Glitter

I repeat, do not try this at home.

Merry Christmas,


Christmas in July and My New House

16 Jul

Lately, I have had Christmas on my mind. Yeah, I’m one of those people. This week, I finally started playing with the Christmas present Anthony bought me last year. Between wedding planning, honeymooning, moving, and job hunting, it just got shoved in the back of a closet and saved for a rainy day.

Last Christmas, Anthony bought me a house.  One I get to build, paint, pick furniture for, and decorate- a small-scale house I can fill with miniatures. Anthony had me swooning when I unwrapped my dollhouse kit.


I’ve been working on painting the interior walls and bought paint for the exterior. I used leftover paint from the stripes in our laundry room to paint the dollhouse door.


When I was eleven or so, my artist friend, Jana, and I used to make teeny-tiny food out of clay. We would meticulously hand shape the food and let it air dry or bake it, depending on the type of clay. It will finally find a home once my dollhouse is built. Even in my kitchen, I much prefer to make food in personal or “fun-size” portions rather than in a casserole dish. I think Peter Callahan keeps me good company.

Mini Clay Dollhouse Food

In my travels, I’ve loved looking and miniature mansions such as Queen Mary’s Dolls House at Windsor Castle, and the Stetteimer Dollhouse at the City Museum in New York City. After reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home, I visited the Tiny Dollhouse Store on a subsequent visit to New York City.


Queen Mary’s Dolls House has small-scale clothing from Parisian fashion houses such as Lanvin,  Hermès, and Vuitton. In the Stettheimer Dollhouse are pint-sized works of art from famous artists who were friends of the Stettheimer family, including a tiny version of Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending A Staircase.


Stettheimer Dollhouse, City Museum of New York

So maybe I can’t afford that tufted couch for my living room or that SMEG fridge for my kitchen, but there is no reason my dollhouse cannot be furnished with them.

I can’t talk about dollhouses without reminding you of this little gem of a proposal. Second most romantic proposal ever. Nothing beats how my husband proposed, of course.

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