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Paris Monuments (and other non-museum sites)

22 May

I agree with the Parisians of 1889. I think the Eiffel Tower is ugly. There. I said it. I think figurines and drawings of the structure are far more attractive than the building itself. I opine that the Eiffel Tower is over-romanticized since it is such an iconic representation of the city of Paris.

Now that that is off my chest, I do think the story of the Eiffel Tower is interesting, and I did enjoy catching glimpses of it from afar while visiting other sites (like viewing it over the shoulder of The Thinker at the Rodin Museum).

If you don’t know the story of the Eiffel Tower, it was built for the 1889 World’s Fair, and was only supposed to stand for 20 years. The often overlooked radio antennae saved the tower from its fate when it aided in The Great War.

Foggy Eiffel Tower

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Paris Museums

19 May

I was pretty proud of myself for having written two blog posts in advance that posted while I was in Paris. What I failed to prepare for was the need for a vacation after my vacation. I have been back from Paris for just at a week now and have readjusted back to normalcy, which is far less exciting yet somehow far more exhausting than the thirteen hour days I spent traipsing around the City of Lights with my husband.

It is unreal how much we crammed into five days in Paris. While I wish we had another day or two so we would have slowed the pace and sipped just a little more wine in the outward-facing cafe chairs, I think we did Paris well, and we certainly did it big.

I have sifted through over a thousand pictures (eek!) and will share about 100 photos of our trip over the next five days. Today, I’ll focus on museums, tomorrow, French food!

Anthony and I opted to purchase the Paris museum pass, which is something I have always forgone in other cities. With it, we skipped some long lines and saved a few euros, while being able to pop into a few museums we wouldn’t have otherwise made time for.

Musee d’Orsay had an amazing Van Gogh exhibit going on.

Musee d'Orsay

Orsay Museum

Inside d'Orsay

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Making Memories and Movies: Our Honeymoon

24 May

Liberty of the Seas

I had never been on a cruise before. Living in Texas, when I thought cruises, I thought leaving out of Galveston and going to Mexico, which would never have been a first choice vacation for me. And then our honeymoon happened…

It changed every notion of cruising I had ever had. We cruised from Barcelona, Spain to Rome and Florence, Italy and Monaco. Post-trip Anthony and I were discussing what we thought of cruises and I said, “I feel like we got to travel the world and go ‘home’ to the same bed every night.”

Cruise with us by watching a video slideshow of our honeymoon.

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