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Fall Front Door

12 Nov

Too long ago, a friend asked me if I would blog about rental-friendly outdoor entry décor. If you remember, my front door has not been the most welcoming sight. Between broken keys stuck in locks, replaced handles, no wreaths, unfortunate wreaths, and a partially unpainted door our entryway had quite a saga of sadness.

After finding the right avenue to make the request, our front door was finally re-painted. That only took a year and a half! Living in a townhome community, we are not responsible for exterior maintenance and our front door has to match the paint on the rest of our building. Since we pay dues to get this taken care of, I may have stubbornly refused to have the paint matched myself…

Finally, it is at least presentable enough that I feel somewhat qualified to speak on the subject. Here is what it looks like presently:


My suggestions for rental friendly entry décor?

  • A door mat is a must. Mine is starting to tatter, and I’m hoping to upgrade to one as wide as our door.
  • Wreaths work wonders. I have a couple that I swap out with the seasons. The oval fall beauty pictured was a thrift store score.
  • Oversized planters gussy your entryway up. I picked up large urn pictured at Lowes on clearance at the end of the summer and planted an asparagus fern. I love the weird bushy look, and so far it has proven hardy enough for my complete lack of gardening abilities. While my front entry wouldn’t accommodate the style, I love the symmetrical look of two planters flanking the door. Look here for one of my favorite examples.
  • A doorman, of course. Suggestion courtesy of my humorous husband.

If you can make more permanent changes to your front porch, here is what I propose:

  • Door knockers add personality. Mine (covered by this particular wreath, seen here), came from a home salvage shop in Fort Worth, but I love this monogram one from Anthropologie.
  • Add a kickplate if you haven’t.
  • Simply paint the door. Oh how I wish I could choose the color of mine!
  • Swap out the light fixtures. This is somewhere, very far down, on my list of future upgrades to make. If you’re really fancy, go for some N’awlins inspired gas lanterns.
  • House numbers. Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie have some stylish varieties.

Feel free to submit questions or post requests of your own via e-mail.

As always, thanks for reading!

♥ Dominique


Thanksgiving Menu 2013

8 Nov

Have you picked out your Thanksgiving menu this year?

In Martha’s Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations, Martha Stewart (or M. Stew, as my sister calls her) says, “I approach each holiday during the year as a pleasant challenge. I certainly am not of the “do it the same exact way” school of entertaining, …whereby every Thanksgiving is identical to the last and the one before that…. I am an enthusiast for change, for subtly altering the traditional to make it more interesting, more creative, more inventive. I am a firm believer that there are almost infinite choices for a single thing, such as the turkey.”

While I enjoy traditions and having a few of the same things each Thanksgiving, trying new recipes and new food is easily one of my favorite things. I’ve opted to swap some of the traditional Thanksgiving foods for a few festive alternatives.

Rather than mashed potatoes, I’ll be making goat cheese croquettes. Anthony and I had goat cheese tater tots at our rehearsal dinner, and fell in love with croquettes at the tapas bar we went to in Spain on our Honeymoon. Instead of cornbread, my husband has requested savory madelines.

Thanksgiving Menu 2013 www.gustoandgraceblog.com

When putting together the menu, I found it most difficult to control the carbs. Do we really need croissants, rolls, cornbread, stuffing, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes?

Some of the recipes are hand-written in family recipe collections, and I will make up others  up as I go along, but here are links to recipes for a few of the items I included in my menu.

I’ll also be serving up mulled wine and cider. Desserts are still T.B.D. I am sure (well, not entirely sure) someone in the family will want pie. I am not much of a pie person myself and will probably opt to make a pumpkin cheesecake or a chestnut trifle. Roasting mallows in the cold and making s’mores also sounds perfect.

Look for some Thanksgiving tablescape ideas, from yours truly, on Hello Homebody next week!

What’s on your menu? What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

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