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Light or Dark, Y’all?

19 Jul

While mulling over thoughts I could not quite put into words I asked Anthony for help. He said I should start this post with, “Our house is sad y’all. You know what makes it sad this time? Our cabinets.” I told him he made me sound like Paula Dean. Then he told me I should write the entire post in the voice of Paula Dean’s non-racist sister.

He groans very lovingly at my newest thoughts on redecorating: did you read the “this time”?  Maybe it has something to do with my deluge of ideas flowing toward a man that’s perfectly happy with our home just as it is.

That man makes me belly laugh. Even if our cabinets are sad, our home is happy.

Recently we updated our cabinet hardware. it was inexpensive, and it made a big difference. See the before on the left, and the after on the right.

Before and After Hardware

The next kitchen update will probably be painting or staining our cabinets, but I cannot decide between white or dark.


A little help? Vote below using your best Southern drawl.

Information that may affect your vote: down the line, we’d love to replace the appliances with stainless. And the backsplash has a good chance of getting canned too.


Playing House: DIY Ombre Barstools

7 Jun

Like just about every nook in our house, our kitchen/dining room is undergoing a slow makeover. The dining set replacement and reupholstery did wonders, but the room was still bare and colorless.

In the market for barstools, our search was not as fruitful as we had hoped. Anthony and I wanted backs on our barstools, but liked the look and style of most backless ones more. I have been swooning over barstool benches but after seeing their hefty price tag, we both agreed if we were going to spend that much dough, we would rather have a  new couch.

While perusing Target, I pitched an off-handed idea to the husband after eyeing these snoring things:

Gusto and Grace Boring Barstool

The pitch: What if we bought three of those cheap-Os and painted each one a different shade of green? He did not even harass me for saying we can paint anything this time! His response: Let’s do it.

Green? Because my absolute favorite piece of our furniture sits in our dining room and it is (partially) green.

Gusto and Grace Alphabet Chest

The alphabet chest is amazing for kitchen organization. D is for Dishcloths, M is for measuring cups, N is for Napkins, T is for Towels. OCD much?

The same night, we loaded up three barstools in our car and within a week, this:

Gusto and Grace Bar Before

Turned into this:

Gusto and Grace Bar Makeover

The pot rack was a wedding present from our registry and we picked up the EAT from Target.

The ombre effect is what I was going for. If you’re going to try this at home, here’s what I learned:

1. Spray paint comes in very limited colors (Lowes, Michaels, and Wal-Mart have the widest selections).

2. Spray painting is the easiest way to achieve a smooth even coat.

I painted two with spray paint in the closest colors I could find to what I wanted (emerald and mint) and hand painted the middle one with Valspar’s Pine Green and a brush.

Now I am on the hunt for some curtains to hang on the swing arm curtain rods we got awhile ago. We also ordered new kitchen cabinet pulls to spruce up the area even more.

I see some jadeite in my future…

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