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Snow Globe Cake

22 Dec

This year, Anthony and I hosted our first annual Christmas party. After all was said and done he told me, “We need to throw more parties. It makes your soul happy.” I guess it was pretty obvious to him that I loved every bit of “work” that went into it.

The centerpiece was an easier-than-it-appears snow globe cake. Christmas Snow Globe Cake

I never take shortcuts on frosting because nothing can beat a homemade buttercream, especially when it is Nutella buttercream. Everything else, I totally cheated on. Boxed cake. Premade fondant. Store-bought gingerbread house kit.

Snow Globe Christmas Cake

The depth of the gingerbread house had to be cut to size so the house would fit under the dome. I sawed through the gingerbread with a bread knife and realized later it probably would have been easier if I had worked with a wet blade.


I entered photos of the cake in a contest at work. Cross your fingers for me, there is $100 on the line!

Snowglobe Cake Red Christmas

Tell me about some of the best Christmas parties you’ve ever been to in the comments.

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♥ Dominique

A Malted Chocolate Cake for Mom

21 Jul

Growing up, my mom always made us, my brother, my sister and me, a homemade birthday cake. With the exception of her own Dairy Queen ice cream cake tradition, store bought cakes seemed like an abomination to birthdays in our home. Each year, she would ask us what flavor and what theme we wanted our cakes to be. I remember Little Mermaid cakes, Beauty and the Beast cakes, Lisa Frank cakes, Barbie cakes, and many more (on channel four, and Scooby Doo on channel two). I used to sit beside her in the kitchen and watch in awe as she so neatly decorated. I also used to lick the bowls and eat the extra frosting, like any good helper would do.

Little Mermaid Cake

In recent years, I have begun making the family birthday cakes. How this greatly important task got passed on to me, I’m not sure, but I sure am grateful. Yesterday was her birthday, but today we are celebrating. She doesn’t prefer to be asked what kind of cake she wants or if she wants a theme. She leaves it up to me. This year the inspiration came easily. My mom loves malts, and malt balls, but only Hershey’s Whoppers. Behold, a Malted Chocolate Cake with Malted Frosting and Ganache. You can find the recipe I used here. The only change I made was spray painting (with food coloring of course) the Whoppers gold. Next time I might use a plain chocolate cake, but the frosting was incredible.

My mom always made our birthdays very special and important days. I hope her day is special. I hope she feels important and loved. Today we will have birthday brunch and birthday cake for breakfast. Happy birthday, Mom.

Wish my mom a happy birthday or tell me some of your favorite birthday traditions: leave a comment!

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