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Gray, Navy, and Copper Bathroom

30 Mar

It went from bad to worse before it got good, and I take full responsibility. I was so desperate to rid my master bathroom of its beige walls, that I hastily painted them a way-too-dark gray. It completely clashed with the orange-y wood cabinets and the fact that I lacked a big-picture vision when I dove in left me with an unattractive, mood-bending room.

Exhibit A (a.k.a. before):

After deciding on a bedroom color scheme and finding a little inspiration, I settled on reparation plans for the bathroom. It never ceases to amaze me what a little paint and hardware can do.

Behold! (a.k.a. after):


When I painted the kitchen cabinets, I trusted the guy at the hardware store and went for latex paint and bonding primer. I opted to test out oil based primer and paint this time to see if it would reduce visible brush strokes and hold up better over time. I will report back.

The hardest part was undoubtedly going from knobs to pulls. I have a new found appreciation for cabinet makers. Getting two holes level, centered, and the right distance apart is more challenging than it should be. There may or may not be a broken drill bit still in one of the drawer fronts…

Truth be told, I replaced the standard builder-issued mirror with these wanna-be Venetian beauties some time ago, but they didn’t come alive until the walls were lightened.

Inexpensive Cheap Venetian Style Mirror

While the work is never done, the room just feels good now.

Have questions? Comment below.

Source list- Wall paint: Valspar’s Urban Sunrise from Lowes | Cabinet Paint: Behr Oil Paint color matched to Valspar’s Indigo Streamer from Home Depot | Copper Hardware: Amazon  | Mirrors: Wisteria


Guest Bathroom Updates

4 Feb

The first home decorating project of the year is complete. In all honesty, I painted it about three weeks ago.

If you need a reminder of the bathroom’s before, you can look here and here.

For a grand total of about $50, I think the small updates made a big difference.

Mint and Gold Bathroom

Fresh paint (Valspar Mint Chiffon), art pulled from another room, new hand towels, a vintage milk glass tray, and a new curtain rod enliven the formerly beige room.

Printed Hand Towel

Rose Shower Curtain Hooks

Fire King Milk Glass Tray

Mint and Gold Bathroom Vanity

Ornate Gold Framed Mirror

Rae Dunn Knock on Wood Linea Carta Alphabet Plate

For a full list of sources, visit the Home Tour page.

Collected Neutral Bathroom Decor

27 Aug

The bathroom upstairs is one of the most finished rooms in the house. It is also filled with a few of my favorite decorations. I love the collected feel and the memories this small space holds.

Neutral Bathroom Decor *www.gustoandgraceblog.com*I splurged on this embroidered shower curtain from Anthropologie when I was living alone. Our master has a glass walled shower and a garden tub, otherwise, it would be downstairs.

Neutral Bathroom Decor *www.gustoandgraceblog.com*

The hanging hot air balloon is repurposed wedding decor from BHLDN. On my wedding day, it was used to hold cards. Now it holds washcloths for guests. It was also my sister’s inspiration for my bridal shower. While it isn’t on the shopping list, I think this wire hot air balloon from Anthropologie would look great beside it holding soaps or sea sponges.

Neutral Bathroom Decor *www.gustoandgraceblog.com*These shower curtain hooks were something I hunted for. My sister bought some similar ones at Target, but they had sold out by the time I started my search. My sister found these ones at Kmart and mailed them to me.

Neutral Bathroom Decor *www.gustoandgraceblog.com*I got a sweet deal on these John Derian plates! I think the shadow puppets depicted on the plates are expert level. Give that bunny a whirl. With more help from my sister, John Derian signed “Dream Big, Live Bigger,” on the back of one of them. That is what is inscribed in my TCU class ring and also what Manolo Blahnik signed on the bottom of my wedding shoes.

Neutral Bathroom Decor *www.gustoandgraceblog.com*

Neutral Bathroom Decor *www.gustoandgraceblog.com*This “Knock on Wood” plate was my first-ever Etsy purchase. I love the faux bois and the clever quip. Unwrapping this plate from Rae Dunn  was like opening a present. It didn’t even matter that I paid for it.

Neutral Bathroom Decor *www.gustoandgraceblog.com*This  plate was a souvenir from La Terrine on the West Side in New York City on my second trip there. Ellen Evans, the maker, is a New York artist who uses antique lace to create the texture and patterns on her handmade pieces. It wasn’t in my price range for a full set of dinnerware, but too lovely to pass up, I think it looks great as wall decor.

Neutral Bathroom Decor *www.gustoandgraceblog.com*To me, slowly collected decorating is the best. I love looking around our home and remembering where things came from, who gave them to me/us/Anthony, and what untold stories they share. The rest of our house will come together in time, with love.

What are some of your favorite collected pieces?

Affordable Artwork

25 Jul

I’ve been on the hunt for affordable artwork. Etsy is far too vast for me to find something I like in a reasonable time. Inspired by the image below, I decided to make my own.

Marbled Bathroom Walls

Image from Lonny

I’d love the bathroom above to be my own, but let’s face it, but I’m not sure I’m ready for a big commitment like wallpaper, and don’t want to even begin to think about how much that would cost. So for now, my $4 “prints” will make me happy. They hang above the garden tub in the master suite.

DIY Two Dollar Marble Artwork * www.gustoandgraceblog.com

Have I ever mentioned how much I love PaperSource? (Hint: yes and yes)

I picked up a giant sheet of their marble gift wrap for $8, and cut it down to size. I slipped it into two 15″x19″ Ikea frames I had and my bathroom was no longer naked. The paper was large enough to make four prints, but I only had two frames. That’s $2 a print people, and I love them!

DIY Two Dollar Marble Artwork * www.gustoandgraceblog.com

I might not wrap my gifts in such expensive paper, but I can find a good use for it (and even make it seem like a good deal). They also had it in a gorgeous grayish purple hue.

Any other suggestions for affordable art?

Powder Bath Progress

21 Jun

When I was 11 or so, my bedroom was yellow. Not a pale, creamy yellow, not a mustard yellow, it was canary yellow, or YELLOW! as my mom called it. I picked it, and I liked it (at the time).  The theme song to my bedroom quickly became Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night. Fast-forward a few years, and my parents were thrilled to help me repaint my bedroom blue.

When I had the paint chip in my hand at the home improvement store, I was confident I’d like dark walls in our powder bathroom (all because I noticed a trend on my Pinterest board). When I saw the mixed can of near black liquid, I questioned my own judgment. My thoughts were, “What will my mother say about this color?” and, “Will the powder bathroom have a theme song?”

Hesitantly, I brought the paint home, and started covering the walls. Hoping my husband wouldn’t hate it, uncertain I’d like it myself, I felt daring.


Before I moved in, before Anthony and I were even engaged, I took down the builder grade mirror, and replaced it with the one pictured above, which was (flipped horizontally) above my headboard at home. Small improvement.



I love the black walls and the progress, but the room is still lacking decor. I’m on the hunt for:

Black and Gold

Why didn’t anyone tell me how difficult it is to paint behind a toilet? Are there tricks? Any suggestions for a theme song?

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