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The Big Reveal

1 Feb

Remember these chairs? The ones Anthony’s parents gave us when they were moving out of the house he grew up in? My mom and I (but mostly my mom), gave them a makeover! I will be delivering a few of them to Austin this weekend and setting up the dining room in my soon-to-be home. Finally, the big reveal!


I purchased the fabric from Hobby Lobby, nothing fancy. I spent somewhere around $35 to recover all six chairs. My mom has recovered many a chair, so I helped remove all the staples, cut out the patterns and did my best to reassemble the seat cushions, but left the complex seat backs completely up to the pro.

Until next month, the dining room will still be a hybrid storage room, but I do not think I will be able to keep from sitting on our “new” chairs. For now, my old bed is in the middle of the dining room floor, awaiting the move-out of Anthony’s roommates. Anthony jokes that if you’re in a food coma after you eat, you can just fall out of your chair into bed. He makes me giggle.

Post honeymoon, I plan to blog a series of posts about “playing house,” complete with before and after pictures. Soon enough, our dining room will be a dining room and my old bed will be a snugly place (in a room of its own) for guests. I am excited to make the Austin house homey.

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