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Living Room Updates

5 Sep

Pinch me.

The culmination of gifts, saving, and waiting arrived at my front door on Friday.

The anticipation has been overwhelming (overwhelming: a word that always makes me think about Ten Things I Hate About You).

My living room has never been featured in full on the blog. You’ve seen a few angles when I posted about our console and can see how far it has come when you look at our couches, and maybe you even sneaked a peak at Christmas, but otherwise has been intentionally left a mystery. Below is what it looked like most of the year I’ve lived in Austin:

Living Room Leather Set

Over the past couple of months our living room has undergone numerous changes. We swapped our lack tables for a thrifted and gorgeous glass-topped brass coffee table. The mirrored console made the move from the upstairs hall downstairs and the scissor arm lamps moved up to the guest bedroom.  We got rid of the oversized leather chair that matched the couch. And finally…

Neutral Living Room

I am the very excited owner of two porters chairs! (Also known as balloon chairs, hooded chairs, and Versailles chairs.)

I always swoon when I see images of these chairs or when I have see them at Bergdorf Goodman or Tillman’s Roadhouse (where we celebrated our rehearsal dinner), and now I own a pair! I can swoon every time I sit in my very own living room.

Head over to the Home Tour page to see the rest of the room!

Thanks for reading,

♥ Dominique


Throwback Thursday: That Old Couch

30 May

One of my favorite parts of my new life is nesting. Since Anthony and I started dating, what I’ve recently dubbed “The Estate” has changed dramatically. Since we have been married, The Estate has changed even more. Take the old couch pictured below as an example. Anthony had not one, but TWO of those poufy, tan guys in the living room.



One of Anthony’s old roommates now has the couches and we inherited Anthony’s parents’ old couch (pictured below) and moved it down from Fort Worth when my furniture migrated. Upgrade!



Of course eventually, Anthony and I want to choose couches of our own (I’d like something with tufting and a style similar to this, this, or this), but we are incredibly grateful for how much hand-me-downs and wedding presents have helped make our together home cozy.

I want to make our home into a safe place filled with love. I want the things we bring inside our home to be beautiful, practical and reflective of us. I hope everyone will come stay in our guestroom and share our version of home with us. My new brother, sister-in-law, and nephew will be coming in town this weekend and will be our first houseguests!

Maybe because I shifted from wedding blogs straight to home decor blogs, or maybe because I am nosey and in need of inspiration – I wonder how home-making is going for all of my newlywed Fort Worth friends… (Or even those who have been married for a while. Or even my single friends with adorably decorated apartments and houses).

Be on the lookout for more upgrades we’ve made and others we have in the pipeline.

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