Date Night in Austin: Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

29 Aug

Anthony and I spend so much of our time together. We frequent the movie theater and regularly dine out. While I realize this may not always be the case, for us childless, semi-newlyweds, that is just our romantic everyday living. We choose to intentionally celebrate our marriage monthly, at a minimum. Date night for us usually involves us trying something new, since that is what we enjoy. Sometimes that’s an activity, or a restaurant, and sometimes it is trying a new recipe at home.

Antonelli's Cheese Shop Austin, Texas

August’s date night consisted of a cheese class at Antonelli’s Cheese House and bottle of cider from the Austin-based Argus Cidery. If you’re in Austin, or visiting Austin, I highly recommend a visit. Even if you don’t make advance reservations for a class, you can pick up a few tasty cheese varieties for a picnic or a party.

Antonelli's Cheese Shop Austin, Texas

We were given half a pound of cheese each, divided into seven styles, served with baguette, olives, and macaroni almonds, as well as different pairings such as white honey and mustard violet.



Fun fact: Cheddar is orange because cows cannot process beta carotene. Sheep’s milk or goats milk cheese won’t turn the same orangey hue.


Comment below and tell me about some of your favorite dates or tell me what you know about cheese!


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