Paris Part Three: Versailles

21 May

Grandiose. Opulent. Gaudy. Lavish. Ostentatious. Versailles.

We really lucked out with lines on our trip to Paris. The longest line we waited in was undoubtedly at Versailles, and even there we waited no more than thirty minutes.

Louis the Fourteenth greeted us at the golden gates.

Louis XIV Statue Versailles

Versailles Gate

Hallway at Versailles

The ceiling of the Royal Chapel transported me back to our honeymoon reminding me of all the gorgeous Italian frescos we saw.

Versailles Ceiling

Obligatory Hall of Mirrors photo. While I am sure the mirrors were brilliant in their time, it was the abundance of chandeliers that stood out to me in the hall.

Versailles Hall of Mirrors

This chandelier was my favorite part of the entire chateau. Unfortunately, they did not sell replicas in the gift shop.

Versailles Chandelier

The gardens at Versailles were the most spectacular and magnificent gardens I have ever seen. The foul weather tempted us to pass on the long stroll through the gorgeous landscape, but the nagging “you may never come back here” urged us to brave the wind and rain. While I have only been to a handful (or two) of countries, I have never seen any outdoor space so awe-inspiring. It was worth sloshing around in wet shoes for the rest of the day.

Versailles Garden through a window

Manicured topiaries always feel whimsical to me. If I didn’t have 1,000 better things to do than trim a tree, I would love a pair on my front steps.

Versailles Topiary

Versailles Garden

Had the weather allowed, I would have enjoyed a boat ride on the Grand Canal. Do it for me if you go and get sunshine, okay? If you visit Versailles and are on a tight schedule, I urge you to skip Marie Antoinettse’s apartment. In comparison to the palace, the space is plain, small and crowded.  It is also a long walk for something so comparatively ordinary.

Hopefully I will find the time to make a video slideshow of our trip soon. I got some fun footage of a few of the fountains in the gardens.

Thanks for Reading,

♥ Dominique


3 Responses to “Paris Part Three: Versailles”

  1. Kelli 21 May 2014 at 10:35 AM #

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I’ve loved living vicariously through your photos these past few days!

    • gusto&grace 21 May 2014 at 10:40 AM #

      Thank you! I really owe the photos to the dreary, rainy weather casting the perfect light. It is good for something! I have heard so much talk about how much people fall in live with Paris, and I get it now.


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