Fort Worth in Photos: Main Street Arts Festival 2014

15 Apr

If you haven’t noticed, projects have slowed around the Paolini household, to my husband’s pleasure I am certain. Our weekends have been full of road-trips across Texas. From congratulating Anthony’s brother on securing his residency at Mayo Clinic, and meeting our newest nephew in Houston, to antiquing in Round Top, and most recently visiting family and friends, and revisiting Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth- and our schedule isn’t slowing down.

I do enjoy adventuring, regardless of how long my project to-do list gets meanwhile.

If you live within road-trip distance, you should try to make it to Main Street Arts Festival one year. It used to be a tradition I enjoyed immensely when I lived in Fort Worth. I have included images of a few of my favorite pieces this year.

Dolan Geiman, the artist behind the mixed media below, is an artist Anthony and I have really enjoyed since we first saw him at Main Street in 2012. Since then, He’s done work for Anthropologie. He has also been commissioned by YouTube.


I think I have been reading too much of Emily Henderson’s blog, as it seems to have piqued my interest in weird pieces. I would love to fill this Pamela Stern vase with fresh flowers weekly.


Not surprisingly, an Austinite, Dakota Pratt, is the artist behind this giant moustache made from bottlecaps.

Main_Street_Arts Festival_Fort_Worth_Mustache_Bottlecap_Mixed_Media

I have the perfect spot for this oversized Benjamin Frey drawing in my living room.


I also really enjoyed the emerging artist section this year: particularly the gemstone jewelry by Chicks & Stones, and the modern, Southwestern stoneware by Cactus Pottery.

On Friday, look for the second room to be added to the Home Tour page.

What is keeping your life full of adventure and joy?

Thanks for Reading,

♥ Dominique



2 Responses to “Fort Worth in Photos: Main Street Arts Festival 2014”

  1. Caitlin 15 April 2014 at 9:05 AM #

    Oh! I so wish I could have met you there!

  2. Kelli 15 April 2014 at 10:28 AM #

    Thanks for the pictures of the work! Fun to see! I must look into going one year!

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