Round Top Antique Show

8 Apr

This past Saturday, Anthony and I drove east to a tiny town, population 90, to browse a gigantic antique fair in hopes to find a few treasures for our home.

Little did I know what I would be getting us into…

Round Top Antique Fair | Gusto & Grace

I heard Round Top Antique Fair was large, but there was no way I could have prepared for what turned out to be nearly 6 miles of antique stores and booths.

The thrift shops in Austin can be fruitful, but I have not found a great local source for antiques yet so I was eager to purchase some “oldies but goodies.”

I came home empty-handed, but I took a few photos of a few of my favorite things.

If I could have purchased any one item I saw, I would have picked up this cabinet with green glass doors. It would fit perfectly in my dining room. Move over, alphabet chest!

Round Top Antique Fair | Gusto & Grace

This is the most unique French bottle drying rack I’ve ever seen. I dream of hanging jadeite mugs on it.

Round Top Antique Fair | Gusto & Grace

I nearly walked away with this steal for my entryway. As much as I love this vintage lucite chandelier, it just doesn’t fit the big picture for the entryway.

Round Top Antique Fair | Gusto & Grace

If I was not planning on having hooded chairs (also called Porter’s Chairs or Balloon Chairs) in my living room, and was not satisfied with the current state of my outdoor furniture, I might have picked up these funky wicker seats for our patio.

Round Top Antique Fair | Gusto & Grace

I don’t think I would go again to browse or look for smaller items as the sheer number of old objects is overwhelming, but next time I am looking for unique furniture, I wouldn’t think twice about making the hour and a half drive again.

There were a couple of shows that required admission, like the Big Red Barn and Marburger Farms. Had I gone to buy some bigger pieces, I would have loved to check them out, but $10 per person to browse just didn’t make sense. There was more than we could see in one day as it was.

Where do you find your best antiques?

Thanks for Reading,

♥ Dominique

7 Responses to “Round Top Antique Show”

  1. Kelli 8 April 2014 at 12:51 PM #

    Wow–Population 90, but 6 miles of antiques! Love your photos, loved hearing about your experience. Green glass in hutch is soooo pretty. The outdoor chairs are awesome. Great round up of Round Top antiquing!

  2. Christina 9 April 2014 at 8:54 AM #

    Man, we need to take a trip to Austin! I’m on the hunt for a thrifty place for antiques in the DFW area, but haven’t quite nailed down a go-to place yet. 🙂

    • gusto&grace 9 April 2014 at 8:59 AM #

      I miss antique shopping in Fort Worth! Try Montgomery Street Antique Mall and Lone Star Antiques.

      • Christina 9 April 2014 at 9:01 AM #

        Awesome! Thanks! I’ll check those out!! 🙂


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