Uchi Inspired Chopstick Holders

21 Mar

Forgive my absence for the second Tuesday in a row. This week, my husband told me I wasn’t allowed to blog “work” because of my birthday.

I got spoiled rotten for my birthday this year. This has truly been the birthday that never ends.

On Monday night, my husband took me to not one, but two, restaurants I have been wanting to try in Austin: Uchi for dinner, and Qui for dessert.

Which brings me to the easiest dinner party DIY. Don’t you love simple brilliance?

One piece of paper (2×3.5 in.)

One medium circle hole punch

One pair of chopsticks

Uchi Inspired Chopstick Holders www.gustoandgraceblog.com

You can make this easy, disposable, chopstick holder using any plain or patterned cardstock, to match any color scheme. You can write your guests names on them in calligraphy, or stamp, emboss, or print them.

Easy as birthday cake.

Thanks for reading,

β™₯ Dominique


2 Responses to “Uchi Inspired Chopstick Holders”

  1. Kelli 21 March 2014 at 12:51 PM #

    Super cute! I love the idea of writing guests’ names on the paper! This easy DIY is right up my alley since my husband is Chinese. πŸ™‚ Would love to know what you thought of Uchi and Qui. Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Maryn 2 April 2014 at 11:00 PM #

    You lucky girl! Happy (late) Birthday πŸ™‚

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