Clay Conversation Hearts

31 Jan

I’m sure you remember those chalky conversation hearts you got for Valentine’s day back in elementary school. The sayings were sweet, but the taste was anything but. I made an equally inedible version for February fourteenth.

DIY Conversation Hearts

I made party picks out of mine, but these little clay hearts can take a thousand different forms. Forgo the toothpicks and you can use them for many Valentine’s projects.

DIY Conversation Hearts #valentines

Here are a few other ideas:

  • Put a handful in a small muslin bag to give to your Valentine
  • Poke holes in the sides of the hearts before baking them and add a small length of chain to make decanter tags for your bar cart
  • Make a Valentine’s day necklace
  • Poke a hole near the top-center, add an ornament hook and put them on a Valentine’s tree
  • String them together to make a garland
  • Use them as placecards for a dinner party
  • Make tags for wine glasses

Here’s the how-to:

DIY Conversation Hearts #valentines

You’ll need:

  • Polymer clay
  • A rolling pin
  • A small heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Small alphabet stamps (I used metal stamps I had, but the dollar section at Michaels has small letter rubber stamps)
  • An oven
  • Pastel paints
  • A paintbrush
  • A thin red Sharpie


Roll out your clay to about 1/4 inch thickness. Use your cookie cutter to cut as many hearts as you desire. Stamp them with lovey messages. I chose Be Mine, Wink Wink, Love You, Kiss Me, BFF, Me & You, XOXO and URAQT. Bake your hearts at 275°F for approximately 20 minutes. Once they cool, paint them, let dry, and retrace the messages with a red pen.

DIY Conversation Hearts #valentines

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day inspiration, take a look at my February Pinterest board.

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