DIY Ombre Ho Ho Ho-liday Cards

6 Dec

DIY Ho Ho Ho Christmas Card

I got my first Christmas card in the mail this week. I’ve waffled back and forth about sending Christmas cards this year. The card pictured above is my second attempt at making Christmas cards.. This first one included a wedding photo and faux bois. Why can’t a commit to such an inconsequential decision?

If you’re looking to DIY your Christmas cards, here is how I made the Ho Ho Ho garland card:

You need:

  • Three shades of red cardstock and a diecut machice OR premade dicut H’s and O’s
  • A green ink pad
  • White cardstock, I chose some with a pearly sheen
  • A paper cutter
  • Green bakers twine
  • Superglue
  • A corner rounder
  1. Cut your white cardstock to 7 1/2 x 5 inches. I chose this size to fit in envelopes I already had at home. Fold it in half to create your card.
  2. Round the corners and rub the edges of the card on the green ink pad.
  3. Using your dicut machine, cut three 1 inch H’s and O’s per card you plan to make in three gradient shades of red. “Fa La La” would also be cute. Skip this step if you are using premade letters.
  4. Cut a 6 inch length of bakers twine and superglue your letters to the twine
  5. Super glue garland to the card and voila!

Do you send Christmas cards?



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