Front Door Decor

13 Sep

Can I join the I heart thrifting club?

Anthony and I have made many donations to Goodwill this past year, but not until recently had I gone into our local store. After breaking a shredder we spent sixty dollars on (shredding boxes and bags of paper, don’t ask) , I picked up one for seven dollars from Goodwill that works like a charm. Why didn’t we think of that sooner?

This week, I bought a wreath for a whopping two dollars. I’ve been looking for one for a while now. They cost forty dollars at Target, and more elsewhere.

When I bought it, the flowers were facing the other direction, which felt backward to me, so I flipped them.

I was wanting to make one like the monogram wreath a friend made, but I had forgotten about my keyhole door knocker. I can’t cover that up! That is a treasure I found at a small Fort Worth store. I’ll add a smaller mossy P and small bow.

Keyhole Door Knocker

I’d also love to paint our front door. After a key broke in the lock, we had to replace the hardware and it doesn’t align with the builder’s paint job. We have to get permission from the HOA for any exterior changes though, and I haven’t even decided on a color to present them with! Exhibit A:

Petition to Paint Our Door

Until we choose a color and get permission to paint, I think the wreath makes a big impact on how our front door’s first impression. What are some of your favorite thrift shop finds?

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5 Responses to “Front Door Decor”

  1. Maryn 16 September 2013 at 10:29 AM #

    I can’t wait to start thrifting once we move to Austin. Your awesome finds make me excited for “the hunt”!

    • gusto&grace 16 September 2013 at 1:59 PM #

      Maryn, Antique hunting disappoints me here, but there is some amazing thrifting to be done. If you’re a serious thrifter, hit up the Goodwill outlet that sells EVERYTHING for $1.39 per pound.

  2. Caitlin 17 September 2013 at 2:09 PM #

    I recently got a huge burnt out industrial light bulb that looks awesome on our book shelf. It’s perfect for the modern/industrial vibe I’m working on getting going in our apartment. 🙂


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