Collected Neutral Bathroom Decor

27 Aug

The bathroom upstairs is one of the most finished rooms in the house. It is also filled with a few of my favorite decorations. I love the collected feel and the memories this small space holds.

Neutral Bathroom Decor **I splurged on this embroidered shower curtain from Anthropologie when I was living alone. Our master has a glass walled shower and a garden tub, otherwise, it would be downstairs.

Neutral Bathroom Decor **

The hanging hot air balloon is repurposed wedding decor from BHLDN. On my wedding day, it was used to hold cards. Now it holds washcloths for guests. It was also my sister’s inspiration for my bridal shower. While it isn’t on the shopping list, I think this wire hot air balloon from Anthropologie would look great beside it holding soaps or sea sponges.

Neutral Bathroom Decor **These shower curtain hooks were something I hunted for. My sister bought some similar ones at Target, but they had sold out by the time I started my search. My sister found these ones at Kmart and mailed them to me.

Neutral Bathroom Decor **I got a sweet deal on these John Derian plates! I think the shadow puppets depicted on the plates are expert level. Give that bunny a whirl. With more help from my sister, John Derian signed “Dream Big, Live Bigger,” on the back of one of them. That is what is inscribed in my TCU class ring and also what Manolo Blahnik signed on the bottom of my wedding shoes.

Neutral Bathroom Decor **

Neutral Bathroom Decor **This “Knock on Wood” plate was my first-ever Etsy purchase. I love the faux bois and the clever quip. Unwrapping this plate from Rae Dunn  was like opening a present. It didn’t even matter that I paid for it.

Neutral Bathroom Decor **This  plate was a souvenir from La Terrine on the West Side in New York City on my second trip there. Ellen Evans, the maker, is a New York artist who uses antique lace to create the texture and patterns on her handmade pieces. It wasn’t in my price range for a full set of dinnerware, but too lovely to pass up, I think it looks great as wall decor.

Neutral Bathroom Decor **To me, slowly collected decorating is the best. I love looking around our home and remembering where things came from, who gave them to me/us/Anthony, and what untold stories they share. The rest of our house will come together in time, with love.

What are some of your favorite collected pieces?


5 Responses to “Collected Neutral Bathroom Decor”

  1. Amanda 6 February 2014 at 12:23 PM #

    I love your decor! If you are ever interested in selling the hanging hot air balloon, please contact me – I’ve been searching for it constantly and it is no longer available… :/

    • gusto&grace 11 February 2014 at 8:05 AM #

      Amanda, I’ll keep that in mind. I was bummed when Anthropologie sold out of their version before I purchased it.


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