Cruise Ships and Honeymoons

22 Mar

Remember that cruise ship that caught fire and left thousands stranded? THAT’S the cruise ship I was supposed to be on with my family last weekend. It is also what I thought I would be blogging about this week. Instead, I suppose I will write about my first cruise: the one that has not happened yet.

Rather than heading back from Galveston last Saturday, I attended my friend Caitlin‘s bridal shower (Caitlin gets married six days before me and is honeymooning in Santorini, Greece). One of our mutual friends at the shower asked me what Anthony and I have planned for our honeymoon. Not wanting to brag too much, I sheepishly told her about the Mediterranean cruise Anthony and I will be going on. She replied, “Your honeymoons are going to be awesome!”

Caitlin, sitting next to me, said emphatically, “YEAH THEY ARE!

I love how Caitlin’s response came across as humble enthusiasm. She said out-loud how I feel inside. 37 days away from marrying my best friend, and 38 from going on the trip of a lifetime with him.

It was Anthony’s idea to go on a Mediterranean cruise. Neither of us are the lie-on-the-beach-all-day type of travelers. We love trying new things and exploring together. He’s never been abroad, and I’ve never been on a cruise. From the moment he suggested it, it was decided. It will be perfectly us.

I hope Spain, France, and Italy are ready for the Paolini party of two.


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