Long Distance Love

14 Feb

I, Anthony, selfishly took my fiancée away from her regular blog writing day with plans of my own.  So, I decided to help out my gal:  the lovely, incredibly busy, wedding planning extraordinaire by guest writing this week’s blog post.  Here are 5 steps for creating a long distance Valentine’s Day date night.

Step 1: Wallow in misery

Being far away from your best friend is challenging on normal days, but on Valentine’s Day??  Oh, the agony!  It was going to be tough on both of us.  We probably would walk like zombies at work, have irrational anger towards coworkers who were able to be with their significant other and then cry ourselves to sleep after being too depressed to eat.  This is the time to feel completely down and hopeless.

Step 2: Slap yourself in the face

Now that you have successfully maxed out the misery and self-pity, it is time to get it together.   As such, I picked my head up and decided to do something about the situation.  It was time to brainstorm.

Step 3: Put it in a box

Of course!  It was so simple.  Every good Valentine’s Day has some or all of the following components:  flowers, dinner, chocolate, wine and romance.  I decided that I would package all of those items into a single box.  Valentine’s in a box!  I went the homemade route to add to the romantic appeal of the surprise.  I took a shoebox, covered it in red and white construction paper and filled it up with some key ingredients.  Coating the bottom of the box was chocolates.  Your mileage may vary, but for my love, there is no such thing as too much chocolate.  I added a small plastic cup and happy meal sized bottle of wine along with a fresh paper flower.  Keeping with the homemade theme I created a paper card inviting my fiancé to a Valentine’s Night dinner.  I boxed this up and it was ready to go.

Valentine's in a Box

Step 4:  Add a surprise

The box seemed to be complete, but the dinner was still missing.  Tried as I may, a frozen lasagna meal just wouldn’t fit inside the box.  Therefore, the final element would not be included in the box, but rather would serve as a work surprise, because who doesn’t like getting gifts in front of coworkers.  We could not be together for dinner, but that didn’t mean that I could not treat my girl to a good meal.  So I fed-exed another greeting card to her office with a gift card to one of our favorite spots.  Valentine’s was nearly ready to go!

Step 5:  Modern technology

With the help of the newish technology, the internet, we set up a video chat date while sharing a nice Valentine’s dinner at our respective houses.  And there you have it!  A long distance Valentine’s date.


One Response to “Long Distance Love”

  1. Caitlin 16 July 2013 at 6:54 PM #

    No. This is too wonderful!!!

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