30 Happy Days of Thanksgiving

22 Nov

I have many friends on Facebook updating their statuses each day this month stating something they are grateful for. Apparently this project is called Thirty Days of Thankfulness. I loved the idea, but as a list-maker, I knew I would find much more joy in the exercise if I sat down and racked my brain for 30 things all at one time. This also would prevent me from choosing something petty just to check off the proverbial to-do each day. So, what am I thankful for? Here’s my list:

I’m thankful…

  • for all the opportunities I’ve had to travel this year (Little Rock, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Toronto, New York)
  • for everyone who is and has contributed to our wedding
  • that I was able to pay off my student loans so quickly
  • for all the members of my family
  • for Anthony’s Amazon Prime membership
  • that my fiance has a house for me to move into when we marry
  • I got to move around the world as a child (Greece, Nebraska, Turkey, Oklahoma, Texas)
  • for inspiration everywhere
  • the opportunity to hit refresh on my career next year
  • that Anthony encourages me in creative pursuits
  • my sister lives in New York City
  • for blogging and bloggers and blogs
  • for a car that takes me from Fort Worth to Austin safely twice a month
  • that my soon-to-be in-laws are awesome
  • for the State Fair of Texas
  • I never having to worry about my basic needs
  • for formal and self-education
  • for easy access to Mexican food
  • my job is downtown
  • Anthony’s and my parents live in the same city
  • for the ability to look things up instantaneously
  • I’ve found the love of my life in my best friend
  • for the laptop I’ll soon purchase (buh-bye 7 year old dinosaur)
  • my fiance picked out a stunning engagement ring
  • I haven’t had to go shopping for jeans this year
  • to be alive
  • gas prices have dropped this month
  • experiencing ACL
  • my unique friendships
  • there are people who know things I do not

Happy Thanksgiving!


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