Wedding Priorities

31 Oct

I want my wedding to tell our story. This was further established in me when Anthony and I attended the wedding of his co-worker, Steven, last weekend. I went to the wedding knowing no one aside from my fiancé, and wanted to walk away having learned about the bride and the groom.

Wedding Cake Topper

When planning a wedding, I think it is really important to choose three aspects that are of top importance to the couple. Telling our story is one of Anthony’s and my three. Food and photography are the other two. That being said, from the outside looking in, I would guess that if Steven and Kelcey had picked a top three, they would have chosen music, food (delicious chocolate cake and penguin cake included), and the outdoors.

Penguin Groom's Cake

Choosing a limited number of priorities has been crucial to my wedding planning. For example, keeping our story in mind makes it easier to make decor decisions and keep a consistent theme. Thinking about sharing our story has encouraged me to be thoughtful and get creative with some of the small things. If I remind myself that we will have fantastic photos, it makes it easier to say that an adorable guestbook will not be our best memento and does not have to cost a pretty penny. I know that we want to enjoy great food with our guests, which has made it easier to cut the budget in other less important areas. By establishing priorities, I have become aware of how little our centerpieces will affect our perception and our guests enjoyment of the day.

Submerged Flower and Floating Candle Centerpieces

Read more about Steven’s wedding from a guy’s perspective on Chris’s (another of Anthony’s co-workers) blog.


One Response to “Wedding Priorities”

  1. Jeremy & Kristin 31 October 2012 at 5:48 PM #

    Great perspective! We are super excited to capture your story.

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