Deep Fried Love

9 Oct

Texas State Fair Coupon Currency

Each year, when September rolls around, I anticipate a trip to Fair Park. I have gone every year since 2005. The State Fair of Texas is a magical place for me, increasingly so. There is just something about riding the Texas Star, the world’s second largest Ferris wheel and trying the new fried concoctions. Something about Fletcher’s, the stand where corn dogs began. Fall just wouldn’t quite seem the same without the fair.

Fried Red Velvet Cupcake

I met my fiancé at the State Fair, a year ago yesterday, so it seemed like the obvious place to have our engagement photos taken. Anthony and I took the day off last Friday and had some fried-food-filled-fair fun!  I am anxious to see the photos that, Jeremy and Kristin, our wedding photographers took.

Deep Fried Samoas

After the shoot Anthony and I wandered around and took in the sights, sounds, and smells of the fair. We tried a fried red velvet cupcake and fried samoas. We ventured back to the Coca-cola food court where we first met and shared a giant barbecue stuffed baked potato (What wedding diet?). We got Volk”swag”en shades at the auto show. We reminisced about the day we met. We had fun.

Red Volk"swag"en Sunnies

Keep your eye out for our engagement pictures! We were told we would see them in about a month.

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